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Spagyric Alchemy

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Solve et coagula; the Alchemical axiom meaning 'dissolve and conjoin. Spagyric- is a term coined by the Renaissance Physician and Alchemist Paracelsus who is credited for being a father of modern medicinal and scientific thought.  From Greek roots: spao “to draw out” and agerio“ to gather”  in essence to extract the 3 principals Sulphur, Mercury, & Salt and recombined them in a more purified form for a full spectrum tincture w/ maximum bioavailability. This is know as a 'Philosophical' medicine. Conventional extraction methods leave behind much of the minerals that remain locked up in plant matter and are sadly discarded. The Spagyric Method includes further processes including burning the plant matter (calcination) to extract the mineral matrix from the ashes (commonly Potassium) Know as the “body” or third principal in Alchemy. These extractions are highly concentrated preserving subtle energetic qualities of the plant. Careful consideration of Archetypal planetary energetic signatures are also a trait of spagyrics in working w/ planetary correspondences. Do to the nature of a more laborious proccess, Spagyrics are inherently more expensive than 'Unphilosophical' or conventional tinctures. They are also much more potent and are recomended for use at a homeopathic rate.  

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